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The Importance Of High Energy Saving Led Lamps
Aug 09, 2017

The importance of high energy saving led lamps


According to the report, Australian residential customers are paying the highest electricity prices in the world - two to three times more than American households.


South Australian households are paying the highest prices in the world at 47.13¢ per kilowatt hour, more than Germany, Denmark and Italy, which heavily tax energy, after the huge increases on July 1. Carbon + Energy Markets' MarkIntell data service says.


Therefore, high energy saving led fixture is extremely important for these areas, which charge high power prices. AOK's led luminaires help end users save up to more than 80% from energy bill, this data is higher than most of suppliers in led industrial & outdoor lighting industry.


On the other hand, based on the reports of Chinese Export Records, Australia imported about 17,874,840USD led high bay light, and 8,258,914USD led flood light, from Jan to June 2017, from China.


AOK i Series led light is led high bay lamp & led flood fixture into one model, multiple applications, suitable for gymnasium, sports fields, heavy factory, warehouse, gas station.....


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