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The Future Development Trend Of China's Lighting Industry
May 24, 2017

Mixed media transmission: Many lighting enterprises are very confused, why the spokesperson please, the CCTV advertising played, but the market effect is general? This is because they do not grasp the dynamic characteristics of the communication environment. Consumption Upgrade: Consumption upgrade includes two aspects: one is the external impetus of government power; the other is the internal pull of consumption demand. Lighting industry is a high-energy industry, the consumption of resources and waste enormous. In recent years, the Government has begun to strengthen the guiding and fostering of lighting enterprises to upgrade the industry. 2010 countries will again subsidize the promotion of 150 million efficient lighting products deer tripod, this huge cake will be divided by 35 excellent lighting enterprises. This is the third consecutive year of efficient lighting products subsidies, from the scale of subsidies and the number of successful enterprises, has set a new high. Market sinking: The Chinese market is a two-yuan pyramid structure composed of urban and rural population. All along, the urban population, which accounts for 20% of the population, occupies the main position of consumption. In the lighting market, the rich class, at the Pyramid Spire, is basically Philips, Osram and GE and other foreign brands dominate; the middle of the pyramid is home to the first-line brand, such as NVC, OP, San Xiong, Aurora, Sun, Lang Energy and other brands, while the bottom of the pyramid is full of low-grade, cheap, low-quality products, almost no brand.

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