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Outdoor Lighting To Set RCD Protection
May 24, 2017

For urban road lighting, should be carried out "urban road lighting design standards" Cji-45-2006. Whether they set up RCD (residual current device), the power supply of distribution system, grounding resistance value and short circuit sensitivity and other factors should be considered. The building landscape illumination, may carry out "the Civil Building Electrical Design Code" J.Gi16-2008 Section, namely "(Construction landscape lighting) Outdoor branch line should install residual current action protector". RCD easy to trip and the solution, there are two categories: (1) The normal leakage current of the illumination circuit is too large. At this time can be used double insulated cable, choose the protection of high grade products or shorten the line length, reduce the number of lamps installed in the circuit. RCD itself leakage rated current selection error. RCD the residual action current should not exceed 30mA if it is used as additional protection or indirect contact protection of direct contact protection. If the RCD is only used to improve the short-circuit sensitivity of the loop, the RCD rating can be selected above 30mA.

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