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Green Parking Lot Lighting Achieved By AOK IT Series Area Light
Oct 21, 2017

Green parking lots are a form of parking lot designed to be environmentally more sustainable.

Many agencies and organizations have released different standards as to what will be considered a green parking lot. As an example, the US Environmental Protection Agency has released guidelines referring to a Green Parking Lot as any lot which contains environmentally preferable features.

Minimizing energy consumption is one of the environmental feature. AOK iT series parking lot light designed with high system efficiency 130-143lm/w, 265W can replace 1000W MH/HPS.

Following chart is energy saving costs per year/5 years and 8 years by using AOK 265W area/shoebox light. Compare to 1000W MH, 1pcs 265W LED shoebox can save $287.48 electricity bill every year.

therefore, go with AOK iT area/shoebox/parking lot light to minimize energy consumption, you are doing benefit to our environment.


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