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Factors Influencing The Quality And Effect Of Infrared Lamp
May 24, 2017

Single LED theory life can reach more than 100,000 hours, led array-type infrared lamp life can also reach this level? To answer this question correctly, first understand the principle of the LED array infrared lamp. At present, led array-type infrared lamp is mainly composed of single chip led parallel module. LED photoelectric conversion efficiency is very poor, about only about 15% to 20% of the power into the light output, the rest are converted into heat, so when a large number of LED in a module, these very poor conversion efficiency will cause the big problem of heat treatment. In the design of LED lamps, good thermal design is the key to monitor the normal operation of infrared lights. And some so-called manufacturers in order to reduce costs or to make the product better sealing, the use of the so-called built-in fan of the heat dissipation, but they forget that no air convection, even if the good fan may not insist on how long. This kind of infrared light lamp product may not have any problem at first, but slowly the user will find the distance is getting closer, the intensity of light is also getting weaker.

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