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Different Rebate Terms Of Outdoor Lights With DLC In US And Canada
Nov 04, 2017

Different Rebate terms of outdoor lights with DLC in US and Canada

Do you know US and Canada customer can get rebate from Government with DLC? Do you also know there is different rebate terms in different states in US? AOK recently did a reserch on it, do you want to know more? Please see below.


1). Pennsylvania:

Rebate $0.5 per KWH.


2). Long Island and New York:

The rebate for DLC is based product. For street light and area lgihts <100W, rebate is $20, 100-249W rebate is $60, 250W or higher is $80.

There is no additional rebate for premium DLC. Different electric companys give different rebate amounts. The rebate is based on reduced wattage. As long as you save wattage, you get the rebate which is a fixed amount depending on the type of fixture or lamp being replaced.


3). Utah.

They pay on KW/h saved. If products are not DLC, they cannot be used on the project.

There is no higher rebate for DLC4.0, but premium DLC can get higher rebate than standard. Most utility companies will only accept DLC listed products for their incentive programs.

The rebate terms adjust almost every year. Consulting with Ever Green (Utility Consultants for many of the utilities in the US), they are pushing for smart lights or sensors and mesh networking with hgih controllability. Thats where the rebates are moving.

Different use will get different rebate. Higher rebate for lighting that effects demand charges. In other words, if the lights use is intended for use during a highly demanding period of the day for the grid, then the utility would rebate more for that. For example, lights on at night, outdor area lgihtign and street lighting dont get so much rebate as interior lighting burning in the middle of the day.

Lights with smart sensor will get more rebate.


4). Kansas.

Dont have rebate.


5). Michigan.

They can get rebate with DLC, but DLC standard or premium get the same rebate.

Can get rebate by KW/H they saved, they get $0.3 per watt saved for DLC4.2, and can replace an existing fixture with a specific LED fixture, for example, replace a 6-lamp T8 fixture with 150W led lamp.

DLC receives 2x higher rebate for led high bay light and led parking lot light.


6). Illinois.

DLC standard or premium get the same rebate, some based on the wattage saved, some based on the original fixture, depends on the utility.

The rebate can change every year or whenever the utility company feels like it. The biggest utility company in California is PGE, you can go on their website and look at their rebate (http://caioulightingqpl.com).

Different wattage get different rebate with DLC. 150W-400W, the rebate is $0.4 per watt.

The rebate rate is reduce every year, 2016 is $0.5/w, 2017 is $0.4/w.


7). Virginia.

DLC rebate rate is different between DLC4.1 and DLC4.2, They can get more rebate by DLC4.2.

Different power company give the different rebate, the range will be from 35% to 75% depends on different products, different products, different area and different power company.


8). Washington.

All projects are different. For parking lot lights, something that replaces 250W, 400W and 1000W are most common, so something in the 12,000, 16m000 and 38,000 lumen reange respectively would be best.


9). Massachusetts.

They can get as much as $100 more with DLC premium.

Rebates are adjust twice per year, but replacement of metal halide and HPS fixtures have remained equal or better each year.

KW/H saved also will effect the rebate they get.


10). Montana.

That all depends on the company supplying the electricity. Energy here gives a flat rate depending on the fixture wattage, premium or standard are the same.

In some area they give a rebate based on the amount that of watts saved per fixture and some may or may not give a better rebate for DLC premium. For one company here, anything under 60W get $30, anything above 60W, get $100. Not sure for other companies.


11). Edward.

As far as rebaet policy, the only standing policu is that everything must be DLC listed to be eligible for rebates; Individual rebate programs change weekly/monthly without notice.

Premium or standard DLC are the same rebate.

Reduction in wattage and DLC listing.


12). Arkansas.

Dont get rebate here.

They get rebate by reduced wattage consumption.


13). Ohio.

Only DLC and Energy Star qualify for rebates.

More rebate with higher efficiency, controls do not count ( such as photocell)


14). Florida.

Please see https://www.designlights.org/solid-state-lighting/qualification-requirements/


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