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The safety hidden trouble of LED lamps
May 24, 2017

1, the market flood: mass production of secondary products, unqualified products. Several sampling inspection found that the unqualified items of lamps are limited value, external wiring and internal wiring, protection against electric shock, structure, heat resistance, refractory and resistance to scars, marking, durability test and thermal test. The electrical expert has carried on the safety analysis to the main problem which the spot inspection discovers, has reminded people to pay attention to the lamp quality. At the same time also called on competent departments to strengthen supervision, as soon as possible to improve the overall quality of LED lighting industry. 2, limit the value of exceeding the limit: limited value directly affect the surrounding radio, television can not listen to the normal, watching and instrumentation control failure. The disturbance voltage belongs to a kind of radio disturbance, which endangers the electric appliances in the band area and forms the environmental pollution. 3, external wiring and internal wiring is not qualified: the external wiring and internal wiring is not qualified, once the lamp does not have sufficient load capacity, in abnormal circuit conditions, prone to overheating problems. 4, the structure is unqualified: the structure unqualified lamp, may cause the electric shock protection to fail, may also cause the lamp to fall, installs the surface temperature to raise, causes the tabletop or the floor to scorch, the fire, endangers the consumer's personal property security. 5, heat-resistant, refractory and resistance to the mark unqualified: the lamp fixed charged parts or electric shock protection insulation materials must be able to heat, otherwise, easy to deformation, burning, so that the original lamp protection against electric shock failure.

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