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The impact of LEDs
Aug 03, 2017

The impact of LEDs?


In 2014, 15% of all retail electricity used in the U.S. was consumed by lighting. Since that time, the commercialization of lighting products utilizing LEDs has grown dramatically. Projections suggest that LED products will account for 48% of installed lighting service in 2020 and 84% in 2030-with lighting expected to consume 14% of electricity in 2020 and 11% in 2030.


The first quarter in 2017, LED Lighting products in China export amount is about 4.467 billion USD. The export value in Jan is about 2.139 billion USD, in Feb is almost 0.835 billion USD, in March is about 1.493 billion USD.

The sencond quarter in 2017, the export amount of April is about 1.631 billion USD, May is 1.789 billion USD, June is 1.822 billion USD.

In this data, led street lights export amount is about 163 million, American market account for 12.3%, led high bay light is 153 million, USA market take up 27.7%, led flood light is 141 million, American market occupy 11.2%, led tunnel light is 4 million, USA market account for 6.7%, solar led street light is 468 million, American market occupy 41.5%.


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