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LED light source more energy-saving
May 24, 2017

Of course, energy-saving is the main reason we consider the use of LED, perhaps the LED is more expensive than the traditional light source, but with one years of energy-saving to recover the investment of light sources, so as to obtain 4-9 years of annual energy-saving net cover period. Life: Constant Current source drive is the best led driving mode, the use of constant current source drive, not in the output circuit in series limited current resistance, led high currents are not subject to external power supply voltage changes, ambient temperature changes, as well as the influence of LED parameter discreteness, so as to adhere to constant current, full display of various excellent led characteristics. The use of LED constant current power supply to the LED lamp, because in the power supply will automatically detect and control the flow through the LED current, so do not worry about the power of the instant there is too high current through the LED, also do not worry about the load short-circuit burnout power supply. Lamp Housing: LED lamp has high efficiency, environmental protection, long life characteristics. But the common LED lamp person will find, led because of the brightness is particularly big, very easy to make the light energy into heat energy, make LED lamp is very hot. At this time, if the LED can not heat up as soon as possible, its life will be greatly reduced.

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