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LED agriculture, automobile, medical three major lighting market potential promising huge
May 24, 2017

Agricultural lighting: "Plant factory" will bring innovation to agriculture: in recent years, with the continuous development of modern agriculture, agricultural lighting demand and energy consumption is expanding, the traditional agricultural lighting technology also poses a new challenge. LED as a new generation of light source, in addition to the characteristics of environmental protection and energy conservation, compared to traditional agricultural areas commonly used fluorescent lamp or high-pressure sodium lamp artificial light source, with the characteristics of light quantity adjustment, light quality adjustment, low cooling load and allowable increase of cultivated area, it is a very suitable artificial light source for closed-loop agricultural production environment, such as plant tissue culture room. The application of LED will bring more innovation to agriculture, for example, "Plant Factory" is considered as the advanced stage of facility agriculture development, which integrates modern biological technology, information technology, artificial environment control and other High-tech in one, not only the production of more than the land, but also on the non arable land such as Gobi, Desert, Island, water and even urban buildings in the production, is also considered to be the future solution of population, resources, environment and other effective technical means.

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