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Development status of White LED
May 24, 2017

1 Light efficiency: Led since the birth of the 60 's, with every 10 years brightness increased 30 times times, the price fell 10 times times the "Hayes law" like the speed of development. According to reports, the current white light LED light efficiency laboratory data has exceeded 100lm W, and into the commercial field high-power white led also reach 40lm W. With the breakthrough of key technology, the light efficiency of high-power led still has a great increase space, the highest possible reach 150. 2 Luminous flux: With the advent of high-power led and packaging, cooling and other key technology breakthroughs, 5WLED commercialization process has begun to take shape, which makes the LED module's luminous flux has been greatly improved. The latest research data from Japan and Asia show that the power of 5.5W and 11W respectively, the luminous flux of 250lm and 400lm of high-power led integrated module has been successfully developed. This led to the process of ordinary lighting is a major step forward. 3 Color Mild color rendering: White light led color and color of the white light LED preparation program is closely related. 1996 Japanese-Asian companies first use InGaN blue chip plus YAG (yttrium aluminum garnet) $ phosphor method made of white light led. Since then, people use R, G, b three-color chip mixing and near ultraviolet chip excitation R, G, b three-color phosphor mixed light made of white light led.

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