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Application of white light led in indoor illumination
May 24, 2017

Ergonomics is also called ergonomic or ergonomics, taking "man-machine-environment" system as the research object, using the method of measurement, statistic and analysis, this paper studies the relationship between the three elements of "man-machine-environment" system in order to solve the human's efficiency and health problem in the system. In other words, the study of ergonomics focuses on the design and * price of people's needs, human capabilities, human limits, and how to coordinate with tasks, work, products, environment and systems. The ergonomics of illumination is to study how the design of the light environment meets the needs of human beings, so that people can finish the visual work faster and better, or meet the needs of comfortable and healthy. Lighting environment should fully consider the need to meet people's visual function, so that people can work properly in a suitable visual environment, that is to see clearly, but also to meet the psychological needs of people, that is, to see comfortable. A recent study has shown that light can also affect the body's circadian rhythms and health by affecting the secretion of melatonin in the body. Therefore, considering the human body efficacy of a good light environment should be from the human visual, psychological and physiological needs of a comprehensive consideration of a number of factors, otherwise, people's work efficiency, psychological or physical health of adverse effects.

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