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Energy & Savings
AOK’s high efficiency LED lighting fixtures help clients save up to 80% energy without sacrificing quality, advanced sensors, lighting controls and smart system will do much more. Here is a example show you how much electricity bills you can reduce.
HID/LED Energy & Maintenance Comparison
Annual Energy Costs
Luminaire1000W MH HID ShoeboxAOK 200W LED Street Light
Cost Per KWH$0.20
Operating Hrs / Day12
Fixture Qty118118
Input Watts per fixture1060200
Annual Hours On per fixture43804380
Annual KW547,850.4103,368.0
Annual Energy Costs$109,570.08$20,673.60
Annual operation savings with new LED system$88,896.48
Annual Maintenance Costs

Expected Relamp & Maintenance Costs Per Luminaire

(parts, labor, disposal, and lift rental per instance)

Lamp Life (rated hrs)20,00050,000
Expected Lamp Life In Years Given Annual Operating Hours4.5711.4
Percentage of Lamp Life Consumed Each Year21.9%8.7%
Annualized Maintenance Costs (per luminaire)$32.85$0.00
Annualized Maintenance Costs (entire site)$3,876.30$0.00
End Of Lamp Life Maintenance Cost (entire site)$17,700.00$0.00
Annual maintenance savings with new LED system$3,876.30
Annual Energy & Maintenance Summary
Annualized Energy Costs (entire site)$109,570.08$20,673.60
Annualized Maintenance Costs (entire site)$3,876.30$0
Total Annualized Cost$113,446.38$20,673.60
Estimated annual savings$92,772.78
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